Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black History Month / Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker 1731 to 1806
{Bro.Ben- Bey}
Astro- Architect, astronomer, mathematician, surveyor, farmer and author of the first almanac!

Bro. Benjamin was a Moor! A.K.A. Ben- Bay. He is also was a Dogan, this is a Nation of people from Mali, Africa. They are direct descendants of the Ancient Egyptians {Kemetians}.

Benjamin fought against slavery, he was big in the anti- slavery movement. Even wrote letters to Thomas Jefferson!

He talk to the founder fathers about their actions and how they were setting up the government and advice them on it! { he taught them - Wabanaki Confederacy} which they stole and copy! Along with other Moorish and Native- American Nations Constitutions! 

One of his greatest accomplishments is the design of Washington D.C.
The lay out of Washington D.C. is align with the stars in the universe! Very few place on earth are designed like this. Egypt {Kemet} / Holy Kemetic Empire. Which the Romans named their city- state empire after The Holy Roman Empire. I had to explain that to help people understand what am about to say about Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. like the cities in Egypt {Kemet} they are built in honor to a deity {God or Goddess}! This is why D.C. is built partly in Virgina and partly in Maryland! This represents the Virgin Mary! Symbolically- Virgina / virgin & Maryland / Mary. That the Virgin Mary would bless this new republic country. So the buildings have to line-up with the stars. Thus the saying as it is in "Heaven it shall be on earth"! This is paying homage to the deity! There are only a few people in the world that can do this astro- architecture, astro means stars and architecture means design & building.

As a mathematician & inventor these are strong skills you need for astro- architecture. With those skills he also wrote the first farmers almanac, which uses lunar {moon} combined with solar {sun} to predict weather patterns and season.

He also invented the first striking clock / that is the clock we use today!
{tic/ toc- tic/ toc} that is called a striking clock which is different from a sweeping hand on the clock! Not really sure about this one? He is credited with the Big Ben clock in London, England, and it being nick-named after him Big Ben. There is another guy the bell is nicked-named after.

Surveyor he surveyed the land for Washington D.C. He also was a farmer and food and work for many run away slaves!

Thank you Bro. Ben- Bey for all you did for us! We will never forget you!

peace, love and unity!


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